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Today we celebrate the asparagus

Until Johanni does not forget, for seven weeks asparagus to get. But what is asparagus anyway and what is behind it?

We are celebrating BBQ today

Good morning, dear friends and family, today is time for BBQ! But what is it exactly?

We celebrate "Eat What You Want" Day

Eat what you want, but what do you want to eat anyway? Still no idea? Then you will find a small collection of well-known and maybe less known kitchens to enjoy and feast on.

We are celebrating "Anti-Diet Day"

Not in the mood for calorie counting today? No problem. It's Anti-Diet Day. What it is all about and where you can get something to eat, we have listed for you right here. Bon appetit!

We celebrate tuna day

The second of May is Reason and Tuna Day. I can't say exactly what reason has to do with tuna, but in the following article you can read more about tuna. You will also find out where and how you can enjoy it. Bon Appetit!